This Is Late, But RBR Tailgating From Last Week!

Screen Capture OAMSSI wrote about the Once a Month Steak Sandwich last week over at for the Tennessee game. I know it’s post facto, but I was going to predict that we jump out ahead early, get complacent and let the Vols back in the game before rallying with a long drive full of improbable third down conversions to win 34-20.

I was pretty much right. I just thought that our Offensive Coordinator was going to fall in a hail of thrown batteries. I guess you never can tell what’ll really happen.

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Let’s Ban Some Books

Huck FinnI read A. Barton Hinkle’s latest, Why Sermons, Tweets, and Campus Speech Are Targets of Liberal Censorship Attempts, at this morning. I’ve got some basic problems with the article, among them that until recently “censorship was a largely conservative project.” As evidence he mentions the Hayes Office, self imposed by Hollywood, and the Smith Act, passed by a Democrat controlled House and Senate and signed into law by the arch-conservative FDR. In fact, when it comes to political speech I’m at ends trying to come up with a single conservative measure banning freedom of expression. Flag burning maybe?

Wilson signed the Sedition Act of 1918 and held that the government’s “authority to exercise censorship over the Press… is absolutely necessary to the public safety.” Under Truman we got the Fairness Doctrine that JFK and LBJ used pretty effectively to stifle criticism. On the Republican side, I bet Nixon wished he had a say in a certain newspaper’s editorial decisions, but he didn’t. Continue reading

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Got Tomatoes and Sausages Up at RBR

Sausage Screen GrabMy weekly post at is up. It might look familiar to those who frequent these electronic pages, maybe even to those who just read the previous post here. We just kicked off against Texas A&M and are driving as I write.  Roll Tide.

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How in the Hell Did I Miss National Pasta Day?

SAMSUNGSeriously? October 17th and I missed it? Pasta is practically my raison d’etre, but in Italian so it’s more like my penso che tu sia abbastanza caldo di mamma. I’d never heard of National Pasta Day until this morning, but a little Google research brought me up to speed. It turns out that its origins are murky so it’s considered an unofficial national holiday. That means that unlike official national holidays like Christmas that were voted on by congress and forced down our throats by those big government bureaucrats in Washington, NPD is one of the people’s holidays.

Thankfully, the people also had the good sense to make October National Pasta Month just to drive the point home, so I’m not entirely too late. Thusly, in honor of National-Pasta-Day-one-day-after-National-Pasta-Day-but-still-during-National-Pasta-Month-so-it’s-still-okay, I’m linking to a few of my favorite pasta sauces. Continue reading

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A Question of Plagiarism.

What is to be done with an ostensibly original phrase or sentence that sounds oddly familiar. Unease at the possibility that the bit came from an article or book read years ago and over time crept into your argumentative arsenal without remembered attribution is immensely frustrating. On the one side, you can’t just publish it as yours without knowing if that bit of wit started life beyond your reckoning. On the other, if you really do think it’s clever, you can’t just let it languish, sad and unread.

An example: Continue reading

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New RBR Tailgating

Fish n Chips CaptureMy weekly post at is up. This week: What is very likely Arkansas style fried fish crossed with what is more likely traditional British fish n’ chips. Also, perfect French fries.

While you are there check out the previews of this weeks game against the Hogs.

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Let’s Talk About Cilantro

Cilantro coverLast week I wrote post about pork tacos with cilantro yogurt sauce for In one of the comments someone said they have the cilantro-tastes-like-soap curse. So do I, but I’ve always enjoyed the taste. It’s like lavender blended with oregano. Apparently among those with similar genetic predispositions, I am practically alone in my appreciation.

More accurately, my position earns scorn and hatred. People who hate this herb really hate it. The first thing you learn after a quick Google search of “cilantro soapy” is that if you are going to write an article or post about cilantro you must include the fact that when on Larry King Live, Julia Child was asked which foods she hated. La Child responded: “Cilantro and arugula I don’t like at all. They’re both green herbs, they have a kind of a dead taste to me.” and followed, “I would pick it out if I saw it and throw it on the floor.” So I’ve done my duty. Continue reading

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Do I Smell A Boycott Coming?

Coors LightCoors Light may claim prescience considering yesterday’s loss to Ole Miss, but they had no idea what would happen when they printed these posters. So I ask you Coors Light Director of Advertising, SEC, Pissing Off Bama Fans Division, why did you include a slot for the SEC Championship on the Barner’s schedule but not ours? When answering, tread carefully.

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Game Week. It’s Finally Game Week.

RBR Ribs SnipAnd I’ve got another RBR Tailgating post over at For the season kickoff on Thursday we’ve got Asian inspired ribs, a dubious plan for getting out of work early, and Gregory XIII. So come on over and check it out.

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Roosters, Chickens, and the Damn Anti-Federalists

Dramatic EnactmentHamilton was right. The Bill of Rights was a terrible idea. Most parents grasp this fairly quickly. “Stay in the yard.” is unambiguous. “Stay in the yard, and I especially better not see you in the Johnson’s yard.” is an invitation to wander.

And wander they will. I have papers, a house, effects, and my wife and I are both people with other people in dependence. We like to be secure in those things. If we have to have a Bill of Rights it’s nice to know that there is one that takes our circumstance into consideration. I just wish someone acknowledged the damn thing.

Two news stories from the last few days give me pause. Continue reading

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