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On Made Up Holidays

Forgetting an important occasion can lead to embarrassment, so you can understand my relief when I came upon a tweet posted last Monday by @BHamRestaurantRaider which read, “So today is #NationalPizzaDay Where will you celebrate?” Thus was avoided a repeat … Continue reading

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Some Bye Week Pizza

This week is bye week, but we are still fans and fans have needs, like the need for sustenance. I’ve posted this weeks tailgating piece over at rollbamaroll.com. Check it out, make a mess of your kitchen and enjoy. There’s … Continue reading

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Foccaccia Pizza with Anchovies and a Bit of Flash Fiction, Because, Why Not?

I was so happy with my jaunt into to baking that isn’t really baking because it’s only flat bread that I’ve gone and done it again. The classic Neopolitan thin crust pizza with tomatoes, anchovies, mozzarella, and basil as seen … Continue reading

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Strippers, Steak Sandwiches, and The Remarkable Power of a Pizza Bag

I am not a fan of strip clubs. That’s where quitters dwell. Hapless tongue tied miscreants with not a whit of wit about them infected with the need for company but lacking the confidence to cast themselves out and risk … Continue reading

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Some Things of Interest: Scottish Science Edition

We give credit to the Scots as being great and glorious for the invention of P.O.E.T.S. Day, but we had no idea. In a week of sciencey breakthroughs the Scots have shown themselves more better greater and gloriouser than ever … Continue reading

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Recipe: Staff Meals and Chickpea and Summer Sausage Pizza

For two and a half of my three years spent living in Savannah, I was lucky enough to work at Elizabeth on 37th. Most people of Savannah suffer from a rap star’s sense of self importance when it comes to … Continue reading

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Some Things of Interest

So babyccinos? Where are all the apoplectic people that banned candy cigarettes? Better yet, where are all the entrepreneurs with the next obvious step: The babytini, stirred, not shaken. Aside: I will personally lead the charge to ban the grandiose … Continue reading

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Recipe: Salad Pizza – get ye to a mountaintop and sing my praises.

There are times when modesty in the face of great accomplishment is warranted, gentlemanly, and appreciated. This is not one of those times. We take a great many things for granted. The capacity to make fire for example. We have … Continue reading

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Recipe: I didn’t burn the $@*^%^ out of pizza this time! Excelsior!

Nor did I get the focus right on some of these pictures! As per usual, the time I did burn the $@*%^ out of the pizza was entirely the fault of the equipment and in no way could the events … Continue reading

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