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Notes From The Beach, Part Deux

“The seas were angry that day my friends.” Seriously, they were. I don’t know if you can make it out from the picture, but those waves are running as close to perpendicular to the shore line as I’ve ever seen. … Continue reading

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It’s Grilling Season! Let’s Make Spaghetti!

I’m not actually planning to cook pasta on a grill, although I once cooked a single noodle on my Weber just to say that I did it. Crunchy. No, this, like life, is all about the sauce. Steaks on the grill … Continue reading

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Some Things of Interest 12/3/13: Ritz Crackers and a Danger in Your Refridgerator You Might Not Know About. News at Eleven.

My fascination with Canadians and their food dates back to a family trip to Detroit almost twenty years ago. My brother and I crossed over to Windsor to order a bacon cheeseburger and see what we got. We wanted to … Continue reading

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