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Lentil and Chicken Soup That I No Longer Hate

There was a food that you, second person reader, hated with a mad passion as a child. Your parents would throw platitudes betwixt demands that you eat whatever increasingly horrific foodstuff kept you prisoner at the dinner table. “It’s good … Continue reading

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Notes From a Trip To Idaho: The Salmon River

I hesitate to call Riggins, Idaho a town. Township maybe. Hamlet? Grassy, sparsely treed mountains corral livable land on all sides as best I can tell. The population of 419 may seem miniscule, but the visible structures, repair sheds, RV … Continue reading

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Lasagna Bolognese con un Bambino di Cinque Anni

“Do you want to learn how to make Lasagna with me?” “What’s lasagna?” “It’s like a cake made with pasta, pizza sauce, meat, and pizza cheese.” “Yes, please!” ******************************************************************************** “We wanna start by prepping the vegetables. Do you remember how … Continue reading

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