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Tacos for the USC vs. Alabama Game… A Day Late.

At least for this venue. The Rah- Rah football site etc. had it all ready for pre-game degustation. Were I a superstitious person I might suggest that all Alabama fans eat tacos for every meal and nothing else. Yesterday’s 52-6 … Continue reading

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Sunday Sauce: Spaghetti con Pomadoro e Ricotta and The Week That Was.

For the record, I just made that headline look Italian. I have no idea if that is a correct translation or not, but “Spaghetti con Pomadoro e Ricotta” looks like something that would be in one of my cookbooks. That means … Continue reading

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It’s Just Baffling

Recently I wrote on these electronic pages about the peculiar abundance of abandoned pumpkins in and about my neighborhood. Today I came across another one. Is this just a normal feature of most suburbs that I have somehow managed not … Continue reading

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Mississippi State is Coming!

They are very, very, good. Number 1 in fact. That makes it all the more awkward that we are 8 1/2 point favorites as of this writing. Who does that inspire? Who is the underdog? I have no idea what … Continue reading

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I’m Watching You, Douglas.

Did Archie Manning run afoul of the football Illuminati? Weeks ago he was ensconced amongst the college football Pharisees, set to pump out the white smoke of mixed metaphors every Tuesday and announce the anointed or anoint the announced, depending … Continue reading

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U.S. vs. Portugal: Two Days Later

It’s been almost forty-eight hours since Varela put that conquistador’s cross in the back of the net and I’m beginning to come to terms with it. We more or less took the best player in the game and, for ninty-four … Continue reading

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Hangovers, Scotsmen, and a Certain Team That Won A Certain National Championship Game Last Night

When you wake up with a hangover, the first thing to attempt to bring into focus is that you probably had a good time the night before. Of course there are hangovers that follow bad things like the passing of … Continue reading

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Some Things of Interest: 9/19/12

Happy International Talk Like a Pirate Day! It’s a real thing and should be treated with respect. What’s a pirate’s favorite letter? “Arrrrrrr” you might say, but actually, it’s the “C.” The best part of International Talk Like a Pirate … Continue reading

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Bham vs. Bham

Dear UK Birminghamers, We are headed for troubles. In the WordPress category section, if you choose to follow “Birmingham” our cities are lumped together due to an obvious common spelling. At the moment this is not a real issue. Come … Continue reading

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Some Things of Interest

In my high school creative writing class we had an excersise where we would scan the newspaper, find the nuttiest or most outlandish story, and then write a back story for the participants. I give you Luann McKinnley. A little … Continue reading

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