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It’s the Preseason of the No Fun League, but It’s Football… with Recipe.

I am nearing a consistency breakdown re which words to capitalize in my headlines. Articles and connectors be damned? What did I do last time? Once more using this site as a vehicle to a posting on another site, may … Continue reading

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I’ve Been Watching T.V. (Television) And I Have Observations!

UEFA Euro 2012. Apparently the US was snubbed on this one. I’m watching anyway, on the off chance that someone might be our equal in the “beautiful game.” I came in as a reformed Italian fan whose disgust over flagrant … Continue reading

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Activist in Repose: The Whale Wars, Viking Shores Story

This season Animal Planet’s Whale Wars  takes aim at the natives of the Faroe Islands, a dependency of Denmark located due north of Scotland. In the traditional whale hunts of the islands, known as grinds (pronounced like the first syllable of … Continue reading

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Tlön, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius

I have become a fan of Laura Calder’s show French Cooking at Home on the cooking channel. A few months ago I noted here that the recipes were good, but the pacing puts me to sleep. I also pointed out … Continue reading

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Add T.V.’s S. Epatha Merkerson to the list.

I have waited on Bea Arthur, ass-grabber. I have waited on Cyndi Lauper, wrestling enthusiast. I wrote “enthusiant” first and then backspaced to write “enthusiast.” I regret that decision. “Enthusiant” sounds more elegant and will be used from now on. … Continue reading

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It’s finally your mother’s cooking show: Why Nadia G’s Bitchin Kitchen is the best cooking show on TV.

There was a time when MTV actually showed music videos. Then came the reality show pioneer The Real World and that was that. Voyeur television took over the channel (and eventually the world). MTV2 was launched to provide musical content … Continue reading

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