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Some Things of Interest: 10/15/12 New Bond, Hate Week, and There Is a Hot Dog Under There

The new Bond film comes out in less than a month. If you have children, you’ll get to see it when I do: sometime next year once it has been released on DVD. Also due for release soon-ish, The Spy … Continue reading

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Notes From a Trip To Idaho: The Salmon River

I hesitate to call Riggins, Idaho a town. Township maybe. Hamlet? Grassy, sparsely treed mountains corral livable land on all sides as best I can tell. The population of 419 may seem miniscule, but the visible structures, repair sheds, RV … Continue reading

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Notes From A Trip To Idaho: Basque Country!

We were admittedly closer to Barstow than usual, but not near enough and the desert was not an issue. There were no drugs to kick in and our car, a rented 2012 Toyota Sequoia, was more whale than shark. That … Continue reading

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Notes From A Trip To Idaho: Part The First

My trip to Idaho began, as most trips do, at home. The flight was poorly timed for soccer fans but my brother-in-law and I managed to catch the first half of Portugal vs. Czech Republic in an airport bar sponsored … Continue reading

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Some Things of Interest: Road Trip Edition

A recent road trip to Louisiana took us down 20/59 through Mississippi, “The Land of the Seemingly Sick Pine Trees.” The medians are littered with them; tall and wind beaten, all but the topmost branches snapped or stripped. It’s eerie. … Continue reading

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