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Ghosts In The Machine

According to a Facebook notification, Saturday was my friend Jeffery’s birthday. At least it would have been if he were still alive. On this site, I’ve referred vaguely to a “talented chef” on many occasions as the source for various … Continue reading

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You’ll have it Oooouuuurrrr Way!

There’s a new bistro/casual fine dining restaurant in Birmingham called [REDACTED]. After raves from friends my wife and I tried it out. We only had time for a few appetizers but we were impressed. Creamy chicken liver mouse on toast … Continue reading

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Some Things of Interest

Slow down there Chef. We don’t all have a culinary degree. Paula Deen’s English pea recipe is finally revealed in all its splendor. Worth the read if only for the comments. I’m pleading with the blogging community: if you possess an … Continue reading

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Recipe: Staff Meals and Chickpea and Summer Sausage Pizza

For two and a half of my three years spent living in Savannah, I was lucky enough to work at Elizabeth on 37th. Most people of Savannah suffer from a rap star’s sense of self importance when it comes to … Continue reading

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