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Notes From The Beach: Vin’tij Is Just So Good

If you know me, you know that I’m a fairly live and let live guy. I approach life and people with, not an open mind – I feel like the entire idea of an open mind is to eventually close … Continue reading

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Sunday Sauce: Spaghetti con Pomadoro e Ricotta and The Week That Was.

For the record, I just made that headline look Italian. I have no idea if that is a correct translation or not, but “Spaghetti con Pomadoro e Ricotta” looks like something that would be in one of my cookbooks. That means … Continue reading

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My Hate Week Tailgate Post Is Up Over At The Rah-Rah Football Site.

You can head over to for this week’s RBR Tailgating post. It’s about grilled steaks with a coffee and cumin rub. It’s the week before “The Third Saturday In October” so Tennessee is coming Saturday. So much hatred. So … Continue reading

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Recipes for Thee, But Not for Me.

About fifteen or sixteen years ago, my wife and I had a few friends over for dinner. Among the guests was a woman who we’ll call Emily, because that is what I assume her parents named her. At the very … Continue reading

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The Almost Perfect Burger? Yes. And I Back It Up.

My weekly football tailgating post is up over at the rah rah football site. I was wary of a post that said “You want to tailgate? Why don’t you try this new fangled thing called a hamburger?” for obvious reasons. … Continue reading

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The Ecstasy of Mark Halperin

“I don’t want to repeat my innocence.” F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote. “I want the pleasure of losing it again.” It’s from This Side of Paradise and remains one of my favorite lines from the genre that includes Look Homeward Angel, … Continue reading

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Ghosts In The Machine

According to a Facebook notification, Saturday was my friend Jeffery’s birthday. At least it would have been if he were still alive. On this site, I’ve referred vaguely to a “talented chef” on many occasions as the source for various … Continue reading

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Some Things of Interest 12/3/13: Ritz Crackers and a Danger in Your Refridgerator You Might Not Know About. News at Eleven.

My fascination with Canadians and their food dates back to a family trip to Detroit almost twenty years ago. My brother and I crossed over to Windsor to order a bacon cheeseburger and see what we got. We wanted to … Continue reading

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Let’s Just Super Size It To A Billiondy-Million

This Thursday, strangely on the anniversary of no people’s anything that I can find, America’s fast food workers, we are told, will rise as one in cities across the nation to decry their meager wages and make the case that … Continue reading

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No Longer In Repose

I let the blog go. I even let the domain lapse. Had you been a bit more alert, gentle reader, you could have usurped my domain name and ruled in your own right, but you had your chance. I’m … Continue reading

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