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Here’s a Cocktail. Let’s Have a Little Chat.

The chef at the restaurant where I dally got a hold of a grip of honeysuckle… what? Honeysuckle honey? You get a drop at best per blossom so even a teaspoon represents the labor of hundreds of pulled and milked … Continue reading

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Notes From The Beach: What The Hell, Man?

I thought I had a good deal going with the beach. I’ll overpay for stupid fruity drinks, not complain that you haven’t added a lane to the one road you have in years despite the fact that you keep adding … Continue reading

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Notes From the Beach: Dear Beer Cozy People, Leave Us Non-Beer Cozy People Alone.

Before we get started, let me address the not yet voiced objection my one reader has while it’s still in that incunabular lizard brain outrage that takes form when wrong-headed conventions are challenged. It’s “Cozy.” Not “Koozie.” As a reddit … Continue reading

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Ghosts In The Machine

According to a Facebook notification, Saturday was my friend Jeffery’s birthday. At least it would have been if he were still alive. On this site, I’ve referred vaguely to a “talented chef” on many occasions as the source for various … Continue reading

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Do I Smell A Boycott Coming?

Coors Light may claim prescience considering yesterday’s loss to Ole Miss, but they had no idea what would happen when they printed these posters. So I ask you Coors Light Director of Advertising, SEC, Pissing Off Bama Fans Division, why … Continue reading

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Roosters, Chickens, and the Damn Anti-Federalists

Hamilton was right. The Bill of Rights was a terrible idea. Most parents grasp this fairly quickly. “Stay in the yard.” is unambiguous. “Stay in the yard, and I especially better not see you in the Johnson’s yard.” is an … Continue reading

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Some jackass has hacked Dreamhost, leaving me temporarily unable to log on without resetting my password every time. I’m trying to navigate the fixes and will get back to regular postings asap. What a twit.

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