Blogging Malpractice, Part DLVIIMCIL

CaptureThe previous post celebrates the return of the football season and the concomitant rebirth of the RBR Tailgate series over at That was over a month ago.

Since then I’ve posted about chicken thighs, rilletes, rotel, stuffed pasta, and chicken taco flatbread. All on the other site and nary an informal or dialect form of not linking to these electronic pages.

I’ve once again ignored my self imposed duty and beg the indulgence of both of my readers. I promise that this insincere affirmation of the sacred bond between blogger and casual reader carries more weight that those similar but less convincing entries in the genre that came before.

I tend to be a bit more rigorous about posting when football is afoot, but with the regular season half way done, this is an unforgivable disregard for the modern art of cross promotion.

I really liked the offerings too. The rilletes, in particular are amazing, if I do write so myself. Everything else is quite good as well. And then there’s the latest entry.

I’m fairly damn furious at how poorly my home ground burgers fared, but… read it for yourself.

I’m on a mission. By the end of next month I’ll be making burgers at a twenty-eighth grade level, no finger’s crossed.

I’m so mad.

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