Dale InterviewIt’s finally gameday.

I’ve got an interview with the chef who fed the Alabama Crimson Tide football team from 2012 to 2016 up over at the rah-rah-football site along with a quick and easy ham & cheese slider recipe to enjoy as you watch the most brutal opening in the history (as far as my crack research team can tell) of the college game.

When they scheduled this game, both Alabama and Florida State were programs everyone expected to be very good, but I doubt anyone expected them to be preseason #1 and #3 respectively.

Please don’t let this come down to field goals.

Actually, I don’t think this will be a close game. Either FSU has improved their offensive line or they haven’t. If the haven’t, we will be all over their qb and our run game wears their defense down by the half and we do whatever we want on offense for the last two quarters. If they have and can give Francios time to go through his progressions they might just run away with this. Practice reports say that Diggs has improved at corner since the A-Day game, but he was playing wide receiver a year ago. Not getting picked on is expecting a lot from a freshman convert making his first start against a top five team.

Thankfully, FSU’s receiver talent dips a good bit after the top three so they shouldn’t be able to spread us out too much nor dictate matchups.

This either going to be a great or a horrible game. Finally.

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