My Wife’s First Book Release

StrangeholdAfter years of helping others get their sci/fi and fantasy books out into the world as the editor at Pyr, my wife has published her own book, Strangehold (Crosshold of Worlds Book 1), an urban fantasy novella.

I’ve been sitting on this for a few weeks because my wife was concerned about the mechanizations of Apparently one of the last things you want is to muddy your “Customers who bought this also bought” links with non or other genre selections.

She wanted her debut to be small and at best limited to dedicated Sci Fi/Fantasy readers to make her bones and get her title included amongst those chosen by the die hard. In short, she was worried that if either of my readers were to buy the book, she’d have links to books about foot fungus, lizard people in positions of power, and the collected wisdom of Mike DuBose befouling her page. So I waited.

The cat’s out of the bag now with friends and family tossing the title out to the great unwashed via Facebook and Twitter so I get to shout this from my very small mountian top of a blog and, though I’m hopelessly unreliable as a reviewer ever since it came out that the author and I have been sleeping together for almost fifteen years, the book is great. Don’t just take my conflicted word for it. Listen to these people who have never even so much as kissed her:

“Strangehold is a fabulous creation, in every sense of the word, and I cannot wait to read more! Grounded and real, yet infused with startling wonder. Highly recommended.” Julie E. Czerneda, author of A TURN OF LIGHT

“My favorite new urban fantasy in years! Sears’s writing is confident, assured, and full of magic, just like her practical and powerful spellcaster heroine. I can’t wait for the next story in the series.”Stephanie Burgis, author of MASKS AND SHADOWS and THE DRAGON WITH A CHOCOLATE HEART 

Pretty nice, eh? Goodreads has been good to her too.

The Teaser is after the break.

“Morgan Tenpenny has retreated from her painful, magical past, choosing to live quietly as a guardian of one of the gates between worlds. But her sister Gwen is married to a lord of the High Court of Faerie—and when Gwen asks her to protect her nieces, it’s time for Morgan to emerge from her seclusion. The gates to Faerie have inexplicably closed, and no one knows why, not even Falcon, the fae Morgan finds trapped on her side of the gate.

As a devastating illness that only affects magic users starts to sweep through the country, Falcon tells Morgan of a way to reach her nieces in Faerie through a mysterious place called Strangehold—if Morgan can trust that Falcon is all that he seems. But with the Queen of Faerie increasingly defensive of her borders, even their combined powers may not be enough to win them through.

With relations between fae and human falling apart and a deadly illness threatening all of her old colleagues, Morgan finds that her past isn’t as dead as she’d thought. She must navigate the threats in time to save her nieces—and just maybe the world.”

The magic involved is unique and creative. You feel immersed in her world without needless exposition (a particular bugbear of mine) and once things get going, they never stop.

Go get yourself a copy and dive in. Remember, it’s never too late to start your Christmas shopping.

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