From Russia with Malice

pussy-riot-tweetThough they admit there are a few loose ends to tie up, the CIA seems pretty sure that the Russian government was behind some hacking that may or may not have had an effect on last month’s presidential election. If true, this is pretty serious stuff. We don’t need foreign actors messing about in our republic’s democratic process (I’m looking at you Shatner.)

I have no idea what manner of consequences we are capable of leveling at a meddling Russia, but if these accusations are true I imagine that something cyber-squirrelly will happen to the assets of a handful of Putin crony’s banks and other concerns. I would hope any retaliation to be heavy handed and easily deniable.

In the mean time, we have a heck of a lot of partisans from one of side of our two party system claiming that the election was rigged a mere months from decrying the candidate from the other side of our two party system for claiming that the election was rigged.

So what did the Russians do to supposedly sway the election?

So far it’s been alleged that they hacked into the Democratic National Committee and the Republican National Committee and sent emails circulated among DNC luminaries to Wikileaks who later revealed them to the world. So what was in those emails? Good question.

The left leaning members of the fourth estate are playing a very bold game. I’ve gone about as deep into articles from the New York Times, the Washington Post, CNN, and various news sites as I care to go. As far as those outlets are concerned, the election was “swayed” because Russia hacked the DNC and released some emails, full stop. None of the articles I read bothered to mention what was in those emails. More wedding plans and yoga schedules?

Of course what was in those emails was very damning evidence that Debbie Wasserman Schultz and other DNC luminaries put thumbs on the scale in favor of Hillary Clinton over her primary challenger, that they had editorial oversight in many news organizations and flexed their muscles to change headlines and text, and that Donna Brazile forwarded at least one debate question to Hillary Clinton. Basically, the news sources that are reporting that Russia interfered in the presidential election by releasing emails, full stop, are doing their utmost to hide the fact that what the Russians allegedly did to sway the election is reveal the extent to which the DNC was attempting, in collusion with a handful of journalists, to rig the their own primary. Hit back at the Russians, but as for the DNC, cry me a river.

If someone hacks your email account and proves that you cheated on your wife, that person broke the law and should be dealt with, but there’s still your wife who damn well isn’t going to let this go.

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