Madison, Real Estate, and Killing Roaches.

As a real estate agent I take a Madisonian view of “shall remain” lists. As has been theRoach Trap 1 creeping habit of agents all over the various cities I work in, offers on property are more frequently including demands that refrigerators and other appliances remain post sale despite the fact that they are listed as features, and thus as part of the home’s advertisement, in the Multiple Listing Service and so by definition part of the sale.

I rankle at addenda stating that chandeliers and bathroom mirrors stay despite the clear, in real estate law, definition of a fixture; that is, that anything that is screwed in or otherwise firmly attached to the house is a legal part of the property being sold. Once you start listing items that are prescribed to be part of the item being sold to be included as part of the item to be sold, you introduce doubt.

“Sure, we know that the ceiling fan, firmly attached to the ceiling and wired into the electrical system, is a fixture, and part of the house, but they listed the dining room chandelier as something that has to stay, even though it’s also a fixture.” the thinking goes. “Does that mean that the ceiling fan is no longer part of the sale?”

It’s getting hot in my corner of the Southeast. That means that the bugs are looking for cooler climes and cooler climes tend to mean inside people’s gloriously air conditioned houses. To combat the invasion I turn annually to Combat, a roach motel that has a less than full staff: check in but not out.

You toss them under a few pieces of furniture and in a cabinet or two and within a couple of days, no mas cucarachas.

This is the first year that I read the directions.

Roach Trap 2

I get that companies end up putting some odd warnings on their products as a result of lawsuits. I remember a glass coffee pot, the kind you see in Waffle House and similar places, carried the admonition “Do not hold over head.”

No one pulled that warning from whole cloth. An idiot survived his own proclivities long enough post holding piping hot containers aloft and enduring the possible effects to hire an attorney and make a stink sufficient to earn a big white block lettered warning to not do unto your own self as he did unto his.

Roach Trap 3

Somewhere out there is a person who thought that a roach trap belonged in a beehive. But that is not the end of it.

Somewhere out there is a lawyer that took on his cause. Let’s not misunderstand this. No one who has endured elementary, junior, and high schools, earned a four year degree at college, spent three years studying law, and then sat the bar exam thinks it is a reasonable thing to put a roach trap in a beehive. But at least one thinks twelve of your peers would think so, or that at least one defensive legal team thinks it’s possible that you rabble might.


Back to the Madisonian view of things. So, beehives are no good. Funny that they didn’t mention wasp nests. I smell a tort.

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