Meatballs From The Rah-Rah Football Site!

RBR Meatballs CaptureSince my most recent tailgating post over at went up today I suppose that I should get around to linking to last week’s SEC Championship Game post. Long story short: it’s about meatballs and we won the game.

I also snuck in a pretty nice pseudo recipe (by which I mean I suggested a few things to spread on toast together) and kind of explained how to make a very tasty tomato-watermelon gazpacho that should under no circumstances be used as a Bloody Mary mix.

In the above paragraph, the WordPress spellcheck has come out against “snuck,” underlining it in a disapproving wavy red. Per The Grammarist, a web site I have never heard of until just now, “Snuck is new, originating in the U.S. in the early 20th century, but it has become remarkably common across all main English varieties.”

The early 20th century may be new by linguistic standards but that still means the word has been around nigh on a century before WordPress’s spellcheck dictionary. Get with the program guys.

I won’t go on about language anymore right now because I’m planning a post for later this week on something grammatically ridiculous that my wife insists is correct and one language rant per week is enough. Suffice it to say, she has lost her damn mind.

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