Some Too Late Ideas for Thanksgiving Leftovers

RBR Leftovers captureNow that your turkey is past its eat by date I might as well post my leftovers article from You’re welcome.

It’s not completely useless. Christmas is coming up and I hear that some people bypass the preferable leg of lamb for turkey to mark that occasion. If you’re among that tribe, cut and paste the link and keep it in your hope chest or wherever until boxing day.

I’ve got another one of these RBR Tailgating posts coming up today: Meatballs for the SEC Championship Game Saturday against Florida. It’s hard to believe, but there are at best only three games left for the Tide this season, at worst two.

The season goes by too quickly. I feel like a kid in early August. Whatever fun you have is overshadowed by the knowledge that vacation is coming to an end and school looms.

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One Response to Some Too Late Ideas for Thanksgiving Leftovers

  1. neverbeenso says:

    I posted too late too, but you’re right Christmas is coming and there are always leftovers!

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