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And Alexander Wept For There Were No More Sharks To Jump.

This has been a glorious week for Trump watchers. First came a letter from The Donald’s personal physician of thirty-nine years, Dr. Harold Bornstein, who seems to have the same penchant as his gilded patient for superlatives. “If elected, Mr. … Continue reading

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Meatballs From The Rah-Rah Football Site!

Since my most recent tailgating post over at went up today I suppose that I should get around to linking to last week’s SEC Championship Game post. Long story short: it’s about meatballs and we won the game. I … Continue reading

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The Right to Bear Arms

Charles Cooke put up an excellent article over at The Washington Post. To often the debate over guns becomes a debate about the second amendment rather than the natural right to self defense, from both harm and tyranny, that the … Continue reading

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Some Too Late Ideas for Thanksgiving Leftovers

Now that your turkey is past its eat by date I might as well post my leftovers article from You’re welcome. It’s not completely useless. Christmas is coming up and I hear that some people bypass the preferable leg … Continue reading

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