Chicken Parmesan from The RBR Tailgate – Edizione Internazionale

Chciken Parm CaptureI’ve gone global. Thanks to the power of #pasta and Twitter, last week’s post for the rah-rah football site got picked up by I Tre Mercanti, a specialty foods shop on the Campo della Guerra in Venice, and shared on their newsletter.

Now, like a guy in a moderately successful band when asked how his latest album is doing, I can say “Thing’s are going okay over here, but I’m big in Europe.”

While I’m certainly thankful to I Tre Mercanti for including the post, I have to wonder what their readers will make of it. The recipe is straight forward, but the post was written for an Alabama fan site. The lead in touches on Leonard Fournette and the Heisman Trophy. I imagine Italian readers would be a bit confused as to why a Frenchman would be the favorite for a German award. “Cos’è ‘CLANGA?'”

The second recipe, a way to take leftovers from the Chicken Parm recipe and make a pretty close Chic-Fil-A facsimile, can’t make a hell of a lot of sense; per the restaurant’s website, there isn’t a Chic-Fil-A franchise outside of the United States.

My stupid little attempts at word play, “Chic-Fil-esque” and “font-o-fil-a,” will likely leave them shaking their collective heads, muttering “Che un analfabeta.” And rightly so.

Whatever the reaction I’m grateful to the good people at I Tre Mercant for the inclusion. Next time I’m on the Campo della Guerra, I’ll make it a point to stop by and pick up a bottle or four of wine. This is the kind of spontaneous publicity that makes people. Things are going to start happening to me now.

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