It’s Bye Week. That Means Osso Buco For Some Reason.

Osso Buco CaptureBecause I said so. That’s reason enough.

This is the scenario we have all been dreading. Ole Miss needs a loss if my beloved Crimson Tide is to have a shot at a playoff berth and there are only so many places where that loss can come from.

As much as pains me (And you too, by the way. I’ve made you complicit in all of this.) I have no choice but to root for the barners. So clench your teeth and say it with me:

“Go Auburn! War Tiger!”

“Look at that high school offense go!”

“Yeah, arm tackles!”

“What illegal receiver downfield?”

I don’t know how they keep this up, but give as much as you can fellow decent people. Every little bit helps. In the mean time, here’s a salubrious little recipe for Osso Buco to help you through the game. While you are there, check out the rest of the rah-rah football site. You might come for the food, but you’ll stay for the top notch analysis.

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