They Are Who We Thought They Were…

But we didn’t let them off the hook.

This is a follow up to yesterdays post in which I posited, or at least lent credence to the positing of another, that the Tennessee Volunteers were less than respectable members of society and lacking in decency, honesty, kindness, and other attributes requisite to civilization.

Exhibit Too High To Count:

A particularly kind benefactor allowed to piggy back a tailgate party on top of the already established tailgate he and his wife began quite some time ago. The majority of the attendees had tickets and were in the stadium. A small contingent remained, watching the game on television and drinking the beer provided by sponsor Good People Brewery as well as a bit (loads) of bourbon poured by a bartender so heavy handed that the squirrels, cats, and other local fauna in Tuscaloosa began pairing up in search of a large boat.

It was a splendid time.

Back to Exhibit Too High To Count, most of the tailgate guests had tickets, so the first Exodus was around twenty minutes before game time, but the trickle away continued as the game went on. By the third quarter, the crowd had thinned to me, my wife, and a handful of others. At this point, the editor of the web site was taking beers out of the cooler and setting them out on a table. Another guest told me they were for anyone to take home. Presumably he meant for people with some affiliation with the tailgate.

Thief from TennesseeEnter a Vol fan. I spotted this little weasel, pictured to the right in a camo shirt with puke orange numbers, walking down the sidewalk with a friend. He slowed to a shuffle, looked around, and then, with a no doubt practiced hand, grabbed a six pack of delicious Good People IPA before immediately accelerating to a competition speed walk gait.

“Hey, Thief.” I said. Without turning around he bent at the knees and placed the beer on the mulch by the sidewalk and continued on as if nothing had happened. His friend showed the better part of valor and broke into a run.

Not to belabor the point, but “They lowdown, they dirty, they some snitches.”

For those who would see this incident as a further sign of the decent of Western Society, I give you hope:

F Auburn Shirt

God, as I once heard someone put it, was in His heaven and all right with the world. There was some such about larks and snails, but we needn’t get bogged down in the particluars.

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