Perfunctory Football Related Post

Screen CaptureNow that Ohio State wrapped things up I’m beginning to get over the Sugar Bowl. Congratulations to all the Buckeye fans I met in New Orleans. Enjoy the title. One exception. There was jackass wearing a number ten jersey who sat three rows in front of us who kept turning around to call us motherfuckers before kick off. We have no idea why. I guess for some people the thing to do at a football game is to find some nearby opposing fans and start yelling “Motherfucker,” at them. I hope he missed the championship game for dysentery related reasons. 

Anyway, here is a link to my general bowl game tailgating post for about putting things on top of bread titled “Putting Things on Top of Bread,” and here is a link to my New Years Day Sugar Bowl tailgating featuring the absolute best, if somewhat work intensive, way to eat your New Years black eyed peas and collard greens.

And finally, to the jackass in case he’s reading this, we are the ones that noted how quiet you were when we had the lead. “Hey! He’s back!” we cried when you bravely rediscovered your voice in the fourth quarter to call us motherfuckers after trailing for so long. I’m the one that called you coward and told you to shut the hell up and watch the game. I can’t remember exactly what I said next, but it made your friends laugh and tell you to shut up too. That made me immensely happy, you motherfucker.

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