It’s Just Baffling

Fuzzy PumpkinRecently I wrote on these electronic pages about the peculiar abundance of abandoned pumpkins in and about my neighborhood. Today I came across another one. Is this just a normal feature of most suburbs that I have somehow managed not to pick up on for forty-one years?

The picture to the right is today’s find. They were spotted along a path by the creek that I take all the time. I’ve walked by that fence at least three times since my previous pumpkin post. They were not there before today. I’m aware that the picture is fuzzy and out of focus and wish I had gotten a better shot but it’s reminiscent of those grainy bigfoot photos they always drag out on those supernatural sightings shows so it fits thematically.

Park BasketballThis is an abandoned basketball, but it didn’t look like one from across a hundred yards of park. I should be forgiven for the mistake considering recent goings on.

I’m really curious as to how long this will continue. I’ve checked both grocery stores convenient to our subdivision and neither are stocking pumpkins at the moment. I’m operating under the assumption that the growing season has ended. Is there a market for imported pumpkins?

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One Response to It’s Just Baffling

  1. poulakose says:

    This post made me laugh, which is rare for me. Well done!

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