Mississippi State is Coming!

Grill Cheese ScreenshotThey are very, very, good. Number 1 in fact. That makes it all the more awkward that we are 8 1/2 point favorites as of this writing. Who does that inspire? Who is the underdog? I have no idea what happens tomorrow but you can bet I’ll be watching. 2:30 CBS with Gary and Verne. If you’re hungry, here’s a link to my weekly tailgating piece over at rollbamaroll.com. I was a poor poster last week and neglected to share my LSU hot wings post, but it can be found here.

20141108_183933As long as we are talking about last week, I was on the fifty, twenty rows up, and happy as all hell as long as we are talking about the first half, the last minute of the second half, and overtime. But since we won, that’s all I need to talk about.

My real concern about this weeks game is that last week’s slugfest with the corndogs left us too beaten and bruised. That aside, we play the top ranked team in the nation and are favored. Not a bad time to be a fan.

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