How in the Hell Did I Miss National Pasta Day?

SAMSUNGSeriously? October 17th and I missed it? Pasta is practically my raison d’etre, but in Italian so it’s more like my penso che tu sia abbastanza caldo di mamma. I’d never heard of National Pasta Day until this morning, but a little Google research brought me up to speed. It turns out that its origins are murky so it’s considered an unofficial national holiday. That means that unlike official national holidays like Christmas that were voted on by congress and forced down our throats by those big government bureaucrats in Washington, NPD is one of the people’s holidays.

Thankfully, the people also had the good sense to make October National Pasta Month just to drive the point home, so I’m not entirely too late. Thusly, in honor of National-Pasta-Day-one-day-after-National-Pasta-Day-but-still-during-National-Pasta-Month-so-it’s-still-okay, I’m linking to a few of my favorite pasta sauces.

My basic meat sauce, Thane of comfort foods, can be found here.

Amatriciana, introduced to me by a man that insisted on being called professor,  is here.

Puttanesca, which likely has nothing to do with whores, is here.

Sausage, spinach, ped pepper, and garlic pasta, shamelessly ripped off from a local trattoria, can be found here.

Grilled Spaghetti, which I seem to write about a lot lately, is here.

And if you scroll down to the bottom of the linked post, you can find jumbo shells stuffed with ricotta and spinach here.

Obviously I want to wish everyone a happy NPM, but for today, let me raise my glass and toast to a joyous NPD boxing day. Sliante! Or as the Italian’s say: Ho detto di mo piu traduzione! Smettila di chiamarmi!


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