U.S. vs. Portugal: Two Days Later

Game Ending TieIt’s been almost forty-eight hours since Varela put that conquistador’s cross in the back of the net and I’m beginning to come to terms with it. We more or less took the best player in the game and, for ninty-four minutes, marginalized him. Sure he had flashes of quality, but rarely did he pose a threat. I’m almost accepting the fact that the referee gave two minutes of stoppage time at the end of a first half that included a water break but gave five minutes at the end of a second half than ran fairly smoothly and on pace. What I am having trouble getting past is the poor form displayed by the Portuguese.

Form has a specific meaning in Soccer. I’m not talking about that. I’m talking about ettiquette, manners, presenting yourself in such a way that others would deem you trustworthy. 

In it’s first match against der Netherlands, Spain lost by four goals. In it’s first game against Germany, Portugal lost by four goals. A pattern was established. By not following the accepted pattern of Iberian behavior Portugal not only disgraced itself, but insulted the integrity of the game. Admittedly, Spain stumbled as well in their second game failing to allow the full complement of four goals, but at least they had the wherewithal to take the loss. No statement thus far from FIFA, but I’m betting that when it hits, it will be scathing.


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