It’s Grilling Season! Let’s Make Spaghetti!

IMG_3498I’m not actually planning to cook pasta on a grill, although I once cooked a single noodle on my Weber just to say that I did it. Crunchy. No, this, like life, is all about the sauce.

Steaks on the grill are nice. As are lamb and pork chops, burgers, hot dogs, varied kabobish things… it’s a long list and I’ve cooked or eaten through my fair share leading to my considered conclusion that grilling chicken legs slathered in barbeque sauce is the highest and best use of fire. Zeus be damned, it may be sobrinal obligation bringing that eagle back day after day to peck at the Promethean six pack.

Anyone who has spent more than a passing moment on these electronic pages is well aware of my adoration of tomato sauces. This is my best attempt, playing to my strengths and prejudices, to unseat spiced up yardbird.

Pick out eight or so decent sized tomatoes, toss them in olive oil and salt, and throw them on the grill as close to high heat as you can, setting sausages around the edges.   IMG_3500 The olive oil should cause the tomatoes to flame and sizzle for the first few minutes, even with a nice white hot bed of coals. Let the skins char. When they are sufficiently mushy, put them in a bowl. IMG_3501 Add well washed and minced Flat Leaf and Oregano with about six cloves of minced garlic. The raw garlic is going to be very strong, so less or more depending on tastes but remember that the smoke and char of the tomato is a powerful counter thingie. IMG_3502 Remember that thing that you used once to mash potatoes? It’s the thing you have to reach under the lip of a stuck drawer to dislodge in order to get to the pizza slicer. Get that and mash. IMG_3503 Serve immediately over spaghetti or penne with sausages and Parmesan or Romano and red wine. As the humble brag aroma slips between the slats of privacy fences, revel in your superiority, unless someone is grilling chicken with barbeque sauce. Those bastards win every time.

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2 Responses to It’s Grilling Season! Let’s Make Spaghetti!

  1. Ted Luoma says:

    That looks like an excellent reason to fire up the grill.

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