No Longer In Repose

Tom Bagby from Substrate Radio's GET SOME!

Tom Bagby from Substrate Radio’s GET SOME!

I let the blog go. I even let the domain lapse. Had you been a bit more alert, gentle reader, you could have usurped my domain name and ruled in your own right, but you had your chance. I’m back to sing the praises of Dutch ovens, rosés, the Oxford comma, and anchovies to my heart’s content. My return is partly inspired by the most welcome return of Confluent Kitchen, partly intoxicated/deluded by the same urge to be heard that stokes and stocks town hall meetings, op-eds, and any event where one person stands on a stage and the word “slam” is somewhere on the promotional flier, and partly driven by my on-the-cusp-of-seven-year-old’s suggestion that I use my blog to tell the world that a second door handle on my Hyundai came off in my hand and Hyundai won’t come across with one penny to fix what their maintenance guys say is a faulty part (this is really a thing) that costs around $220 with installation so “no one will ever buy a Honda, I mean Hyundai, again.” Really I just missed writing about food, wine, football, and poets who drink themselves to death.

Not a huge blog post to (re)start things off, but if you want to tune your browser, I’ll be on the web station Substrate Radio tonight as a guest on Tom Bagby’s GET SOME! We’ll be reminiscing about restaurant days, drinking beer, tasting cheese, discussing food writing, and listening to what I’m told will be a jazzy diversion from the show’s usual alternative, metal, punk, or generally harder than jazz roots. The show is 7-9 Central so that means 8-10 Eastern, 6-8 Mountain, and sometime shortly after one of those long lunches I imagine Walter Becker types indulge in in California where the subject of conversation flows without shame from vineyards to infidelities to tax shelters to cocaine. This is my first time in any type of broadcast booth so the potential for disaster is very real. I’m taking solace in the fact that Tom has done the show solo to great result so I can hide in a corner if need be. Anyway, tune in if you get the chance.

UPDATE 9/5/13: Pod cast to be available tomorrow at

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5 Responses to No Longer In Repose

  1. Becky Satterfield says:

    Good to see you back blogging away. Roll Tide Roll, too! Hope all is well on the home front. Looked for you and Rene in Atlanta for the sci-fi reunion, however, I think there were a lot more football fans where we were staying. Keep on blogging, Ben.

  2. I’ve been slacking in the extreme, as I just saw this. I blame school. I blame work. I blame my birthday. I blame .. well, you see how it’s totally not my fault, yes?

    Seriously, glad to see that you’re back! I find your writing much more entertaining than my own so I am counting on you to inspire me with your thoughts (because god knows, vegetarian cooking is the inspiring thing EVERRRRRR) and also to continue ribbing me in a semi-good natured way about vegetarianism. There was also some sort of Emperor Palpatine quote about using my anger here, but. I don’t know where it went. I will let you know if I find it.

    • Ben says:

      You went vegetarian so I’ve gone Paleo. The best part about Paleo is that you can cheat like hell if you don’t mind gaining a pound for a day or so. I lost nine pounds in a week and then had pizza, gained two pounds which is weird as hell because there is no way I ate two pounds of pizza, and then lost two pounds in the next two days. When I lose about ten more pounds we are having weekly pasta and I’ll be a pound or two heavier every Wednesday or whatever.
      So it looks like we are both limiting recipes, but I get to cheat.

      • To be clear, the reason I went veg was because my body doesn’t digest meat well. I tend to have gastronomic issues. It’s not a weight thing at all. Realistically, I can stand to lose it, I’m sure.. but mostly I was forced into lifestyle because my stomach is a hot mess. I think if I tried to do paleo, my body would go on strike!

        Glad to hear the paleo is going well for you and that you can occasionally gorge yourself on pasta without blowing your progress. 😀

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