Some Things of Interest 12/7/12: Have A Greasy Kind of Christmas

John Travolta and Olivia Newton John are back! Ever since 1978 when they taught a generation of young girls that the only way to get the guy is to stop being yourself and just dress like a tramp, fans have been begging for a reunion. Shrewdly piggy backing their glorious return on the wave of John’s recent massage publicity, they are once again singing their way into our hearts:

Mind numbing? I wish. Unfortunately cognizant of the happenings on screen, my mind fought for an escape that was not to come. Note the 2:18 mark. Was I the only one who thought “Unattended Bags!”

Every so often, the mists clouding your mind clear, the cobwebs part, and clarity ushers in revelation. Something before you, so obvious now, but never noticed before leaps forward. How could you have missed it? How did something so blatant need to be realized in the first place? I had such a moment yesterday while reading about football. Galaxy Quest is The Three Amigos in space. It’s the exact same plot.

Marcella CucinaNew Cookbook! New Cookbook! I’ve made no secret on these electronic pages about my love for Marcella Hazan’s Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking. She is hands down the best cookbook author I have come across. I want to have her children or some other fawning cliche. I recently picked up Marcella Cucina and am again rapt. Abruzzi style tomato sauce with lamb (page 174) is right up my wheelhouse (I have heard that phrase four or five times this week and have no idea what it means) but I had no idea how much it had impressed until two days after we first made it when my wife came home from the grocery store with the ingredients to make it again. Hazan’s instructions are clear, each recipe is introduced with an observation or anecdote from her travels, and all in crisp prose. It’s worth buying just for her note on the evils of finishing sauces with some of the water the pasta was cooked in. She tut tuts with the best of them.

NCAA Football: SEC Championship-Alabama vs GeorgiaI mentioned football a moment ago. It has not escaped my notice that my beloved Crimson Tide is playing for it’s third national championship in four years. These are the salad days. A lot has been made about Georgia’s coach Mark Richt’s supposed mishandling of the final drive against Alabama in the SEC championship game. It’s a widely held belief that had he spiked the ball, he would have had time for two or three plays. Critic also point to the outcome as evidence that Richt’s decision to run a play was the wrong one. Richt correctly points out that spiking the ball takes time. Had the final fade gone long or been dropped there would still be time for another play. Add that Alabama has had trouble dealing with hurry up offenses and that a spike would have allowed Alabama to bring in different personnel and the decision makes more sense. As per usual, Smart Football has a good take on things gridiron here. To paraphrase on of the comments on that post, Georgia took a calculated risk and calculated risks should not be judged by the results.

Etc. A brief history of Ketchup… So what do you do for a living?… Enjoying your burger Earth hater?… I will be the the first to buy the t-shirt!… “I was surprised at the amount of contraband and drugs that can be put in a football,”… Just read the reviews.

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