Black Friday Idiocy and Questions You Should Ask Your Accountant

Itzaida Díaz. Hands down. Best accountant in the free world, manages money like a champ and understands that time and money are the same thing. Case in point: No one better understands the economic benefit of time well spent. Others waste billable hours doing billable things. Diaz camps out in front of Best Buy for five days in order to save an estimated $200 on her $1500 worth of planned purchases.

Financial planning is no science, an art at best, except for all that math that makes it kind of like a science. So to those that point out that Diaz could, at only eight hours a day at minimum wage while ignoring completely the other sixteen hours a day she spends waiting for her ship to come in, pocket the extra $90 miss the point. According to the web site Best Accounting Schools, which admittedly is dying for you and all youren to become accountants claims “The average salary for an accountant in 2008 was $65,840 per year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.” Well played Ms. Diaz. Well played.

Behold purported adults:


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