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P.O.E.T.S. Day: Walt Whitman, The Anti-P.O.E.T.S. Day “Poet”

From the more rugged part of the British Isles, where whisky is spelled properly, we take the P.O.E.T.S day tradition (Piss Off Early, Tomorrow’s Saturday). This week’s patron falls somewhat outside of the traditional P.O.E.T.S. Day mold, having never been … Continue reading

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Black Friday Idiocy and Questions You Should Ask Your Accountant

Itzaida Díaz. Hands down. Best accountant in the free world, manages money like a champ and understands that time and money are the same thing. Case in point: No one better understands the economic benefit of time well spent. Others … Continue reading

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Foccaccia Pizza with Anchovies and a Bit of Flash Fiction, Because, Why Not?

I was so happy with my jaunt into to baking that isn’t really baking because it’s only flat bread that I’ve gone and done it again. The classic Neopolitan thin crust pizza with tomatoes, anchovies, mozzarella, and basil as seen … Continue reading

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P.O.E.T.S Day: Christopher Marlowe

From Scotland, the top of the world’s acceptable living conditions, we take the finest tradition of the working class: P.O.E.T.S. Day (Piss Off Early, Tomorrow’s Saturday). This weeks patron is Christopher “Kit” Marlowe, so possibly Shakespeare if you forgot your … Continue reading

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Freaking Awesome Turkey Sandwiches with Kale Chips

The simple pleasures are almost always the best, especially when you can wreak unholy havoc on them by increasing the complexity of each and every step of assembly with the clear and certain goal of making an amazing mess of … Continue reading

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