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Some Things of Interest: 10/15/12 New Bond, Hate Week, and There Is a Hot Dog Under There

The new Bond film comes out in less than a month. If you have children, you’ll get to see it when I do: sometime next year once it has been released on DVD. Also due for release soon-ish, The Spy … Continue reading

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Hey Hipsters! You Get No Stroganoff! With Recipe, Of Course.

You are not alone in walking by my house every day after work. Bikers by the thousands, joggers, walkers young and old, and more and more lately, strollers. We all wave and say hello. You don’t seem to notice. You … Continue reading

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Why I Haven’t Posted Much Lately and Gratuitous Cuteness

I’ll get back on schedule soon enough. He’s almost potty trained. That’s the big hurdle.

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