Some Things of Interest: 9/24/12 Ask Her Out Edition

Ask her out. If there is a girl whose charms have you enraptured, who has you tongue tied, whose golden locks or azure eyes hold you captive.  This is a mandate, mission, command, instructional pamphlet, and do it yourself manual. You can cower in a hole of self doubt, legit or not. But understand, those that dare get results. I’m not saying that she will date you. I’m not even saying that she won’t laugh in your face. What I am saying is that Eric Stonestreet dared speak. Charlize Theron forgives his underboob sweat. No man has so far outkicked the coverage. Ask her out. If he can do it, so can you.

I did not take this picture.

There was football hope. I have “friends” calling and assailing Alabama’s strength of schedule. We tried. Our preseason foes included #8 Michigan and #7 Arkansas, By the looks of thing West Kentucky U fielded a better team than either of those national championship hopefuls. We beat supposedly good teams that fall apart as the season goes on. LSU just beat Auburn by two points. Is there any hill left to climb? Are we going to see one of the best teams we have ever fielded slighted because of an unexpectedly milktoast schedule? I hate, and I mean hate, Tennessee. No connection here. I hate Tennessee. That word “Tennessee” just looks wrong even though I checked it. Hate.

Bill Snyder just happened. National hopeful Oklahoma fell to old man football. I’d go link crazy, but I have a two week old and he is serious. All the fun is for South Carolina fans.

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