Some Things of Interest: 9/19/12

Happy International Talk Like a Pirate Day! It’s a real thing and should be treated with respect. What’s a pirate’s favorite letter? “Arrrrrrr” you might say, but actually, it’s the “C.” The best part of International Talk Like a Pirate Day is that it never gets old or stale when suspected adults exaggerate their “r”s. It’s gold! Comedy gold! Enjoy.

A sad relic of a shameful time in history.

History happens. Sometimes we miss it. The name Verenice Gutierrez may not be familiar to the average American, but I foresee a day when Gutierrez is mentioned along side such civil rights greats as King, Parks, and Shuttlesworth. While so many sat silent, Gutierrez, principal at Portland’s Harvey Scott Elementary School, dared speak truth to power by bravely asserting that Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches are symbols of white privilege. We can and will deal with this, drive them from our lunchboxes, shape the national debate, and begin the healing precess. Did we just overcome?

I’m trying to wrap my head around my city’s (and I guess the county’s) recent fascination with food trucks. I like the access that lower overhead and start up costs give to those talented chef’s and cooks for whom opening a restaurant would be prohibitively expensive. I like that more food options are available. What I don’t understand is the fadishness of it. Why was my Facebook news feed filled with pleas from friends to come out in support of “our” food trucks? It’s as if thriving mobile eateries are a cause. Is there something about a truck that makes the food better than a fixed establishment? For me, a late night bite from a London pita truck put an end to that argument years ago. I’m intrigued enough to go and sample a few of Birmingham’s trucks. Can you say “Birmingham’s” if it can just up and leave? More on this later, hopefully with full post.

Etc. If you haven’t decided what to get me for Christmas yet, may I make a suggestion?… Speaking of Christmas, /facepalm… Watch out country clubs. Here come the miners… I’m just glad this exists… Read this without thinking of Linda Kash as Eugene Levy’s wife in Waiting for Guffman. Can’t can you… Finally, Otters that look like Benedict Cumberbatch.

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One Response to Some Things of Interest: 9/19/12

  1. LA has a rather large food truck scene as well. I was really amazed at some of the awesomeness that can come out of a truck. Amazing dimsum and the best waffles I’ve ever had. Food trucks are the epitome of lazy though.. not only are you not cooking.. but you’re not really going out, being sociable, or even mildly presentable.. you’re standing outside, buying food out of a truck.. It’s lazier than drive thru, but likely more interesting than delivery.

    I’ve never seen A Christmas Story.. but the sequel looks… delightful (read: terrible)

    The Sherlock otters were fabulous.. I submit for your approval:

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