Some Things of Interest: 9/3/12

Even the casual reader of this blog should know that my love of food would fizzle and die were I not allowed to make my own tomato sauces. In the arena of life, cutting vegetables. browning meats, adding herbs and spices; this is my querencia. Making sauce is as relaxing as it is rejuvenating. If a busy day ends in a meat sauce, a putanesca, an amatriciana, or even some oddball French mish mash that works despite itself, the fatigue is washed away. I eat and I’m a night owl, with plenty to read and write. I can make 17 distinct pasta sauces from memory, most of them tomato based. So understand how hard this is for me to say. The new round of Ragu commercials make me want to buy their pre-made crapulescence. The funniest is this:

Although this and this are pretty damn good. I might have to buy a jar to put in the back of my pantry or send them a dollar. Something must be done to encourage such behavior. Still not convinced? This!

College football is back and my beloved Tide has done what it usually does in the first week of the season: destroyed the hopes of an out of conference top 10 contender. This year’s victims, the Michigan Wolverines, scored as a result of two big plays. Absent those two plays, they crossed the 50 yd. line once, to the Alabama 46, where they quickly gave

New Auburn defensive coordinator Brain VanGorder. Never has a man needed a Trans-Am more.

up the ball on a turnover on downs. True Freshman T.J. Yeldon came off the Alabama bench to rack up 110 yds. on only eleven carries. He was hyped, but that was unexpected.

Other unexpected things from around the college football world: Tyler Bray, that’s right, Tennessee’s Tyler Bray makes his case for being the best QB in the nation. I really just wrote that. Steve Spurrier finds a new QB to hate as much as he hated the last one. Kentucky is still coached by Joker Phillips. Auburn has a new defensive and offensive coordinator. We thought the mustache would carry them through. Clemson beats Auburn 26-19. Mississippi State has fog machines. Why? Because they can. Why on Earth would you not have fog machines? Hater.

No need to pay for an ad here. Everyone who needs to know will eventually see it. But out of curiosity, how much would two and a half minutes of super bowl commercial time cost?

I have never wanted a five guys more.

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4 Responses to Some Things of Interest: 9/3/12

  1. Kevin says:

    Nice way to start the day. Laughed do hard (again) it brought a tear to my eye.

  2. A couple things..

    First, the ragu commercials .. I totally had this conversation last night but it was about the one where the little girl’s hampster dies. Freaking genius, as far as advertising goes. However, ragu is still garbage.

    Second.. I *LOVE* this guy. He’s so amazingly funny. Now Roy and I refer to things with the catch phrase: It has strength. .. just every so often because our lives are otherwise rife with pop culture references that make us so much cooler than most people.

    Third.. If they can’t remain upright through fog machines.. this doesn’t bode well for their season.

    That is all.

  3. Ben says:

    To be fair, they are Mississippi State. That fact bodes far worse for their season than any fog machine.

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