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Some Things of Interest: 9/24/12 Ask Her Out Edition

Ask her out. If there is a girl whose charms have you enraptured, who has you tongue tied, whose golden locks or azure eyes hold you captive.  This is a mandate, mission, command, instructional pamphlet, and do it yourself manual. … Continue reading

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Wednesday (Late) Recipe: Panzanella If You Have Never Had Traditional Panzanella, Otherwise, Bread Salad

Traditional Panzanella suffers from unfortunate maladies. A) despite looking like a perfectly good Scrabble word you only get seven tiles. At the very best you might find “PAN” hovering near a triple word score but ppppfffft! “LLA” is never going … Continue reading

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Some Things of Interest: 9/19/12

Happy International Talk Like a Pirate Day! It’s a real thing and should be treated with respect. What’s a pirate’s favorite letter? “Arrrrrrr” you might say, but actually, it’s the “C.” The best part of International Talk Like a Pirate … Continue reading

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Notes From a Trip To Idaho: The Salmon River

I hesitate to call Riggins, Idaho a town. Township maybe. Hamlet? Grassy, sparsely treed mountains corral livable land on all sides as best I can tell. The population of 419 may seem miniscule, but the visible structures, repair sheds, RV … Continue reading

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Wednesday Recipe: Coq Au Vin

I’ve had a variation on these electronic pages, but that was Italian. This is the classic French in so much as I scoured my cookbooks looking for a single reference to it. Nada. Not one recipe in over $1500 worth … Continue reading

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Thoughts on the Olympics and Who Should Compete

In American politics, any attempt to limit entitlements, particularly welfare, are met with claims of racism against black people. The truth is that there are more white people on welfare than blacks. That doesn’t stop the demagoguery. It does call … Continue reading

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Critter Wine: 20makesnodifference [yellowtail] Pinot Grigio

Because it was left in my fridge after a party. I first ran into [yellowtail] just after the turn of the century. I was a sales rep for a local wine distributor and we were agog at how well it … Continue reading

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Some Things of Interest: 9/3/12

Even the casual reader of this blog should know that my love of food would fizzle and die were I not allowed to make my own tomato sauces. In the arena of life, cutting vegetables. browning meats, adding herbs and … Continue reading

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