Fact: Sardinian Wine is John Kerry Pretentious – Argiolas Costamolino

There are four kinds of ways to wear a cap for the non-Irishman. 1) Horse related but more on the training side: not pretentious. 2) Driving a Porsche: pretentious. 3) Loitering in New York with a faux retro soft drink shirt and a girl’s bike while smoking American Spirits: pretentious. 4) Walking the hills and fields of Sardinia with a half unbuttoned dirty white shirt under a vest holding a rifle that with an unexpectedly long barrel: surprisingly pretentious. Who knew.

A simple wine being simple.

During the 2004 campaign, Kerry and Edwards made a big deal of pulling their campaign bus through a Wendy’s to eat “regular guy food.” They ditched the to go bags as soon as they got back into the safe, but not leak proof, confines of the bus.

The populace of Sardinia, all 1,675,411 of them trade on the simple islanders image to bring in 10,000,000 tourists per annum. The whole peasant thing is an act. Enjoying the highest per capita income in Southern Italy (need geographer’s help to define) they bask in the glow of Pan-European IT companies like Tiscali while playing on the “simple and unspoiled” island concept.

Trying too hard.

Opposite or parallel or … I have no idea. I thought of Sardinian wines as peasant cap wearers before discovering that they, particularly Argiolas Costamolino – crisp, bright, light and zesty – despite being peasant priced are not peasant like… what is going on? This is great stuff priced too low to be believed.

I like to think myself unpretentious, but that’s only because pretentious is out of my means. This wine blurs lines, and not in that “I’ve had ten glasses!” Dylan Thomas  eighteen whiskies line blurring. For $13.99 I get to put on airs, and that is quite nice.

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