Down With The British!

Holiday disconnect is something I might have a little problem explaining to my son as he gets older. Outwardly, I celebrate the birth of Christ by decorating a tree and placing wrapped boxes of legos and castles and toy guns and story books under it. I celebrate the miracle of the resurrection by hiding painted eggs in completely obvious places and eating jelly beans. These celebrations are for the kids. Adults enjoy them too of course, but know of a deeper significance to the day which the children have been told about, but are too young to fully comprehend.

The Fourth holds no such dilemmas. Why do we celebrate the monumental risks taken by 56 men who pledged their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor to realize an experiment in liberty by relaxing all day and eating barbeque? Because thanks to the 56 and those that rallied to their cause, we can.

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5 Responses to Down With The British!

  1. Ok, happy Independence Day. We Scots will have ours too, one day! xx

  2. Maggie says:

    This entry started with so much potential only to land with a thud. I wish you had written more! But, you’re free to do what you’d like! Happy Independance Day!

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