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Notes From A Trip To Idaho: Part The First

My trip to Idaho began, as most trips do, at home. The flight was poorly timed for soccer fans but my brother-in-law and I managed to catch the first half of Portugal vs. Czech Republic in an airport bar sponsored … Continue reading

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P.O.E.T.S. Day: Robert Graves

From the Hibernian heights of Scotland we take the P.O.E.T.S. Day Tradition (Piss Off Early, Tomorrow’s Saturday.) This week is brought to you by Robert Graves; in my unhumble opinion, the best of the War Poets. In an effort to … Continue reading

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A Proposal That Would Be Modest, But Giraffes Are Big, So…

I am a huge fan of the Birmingham Zoo. I ride the train, see the elephants stand, ride the train, visit the tiger wondering how anyone ever survives a tiger attack (The size of the paws!), ride the train, watch … Continue reading

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I’ve Been Watching T.V. (Television) And I Have Observations!

UEFA Euro 2012. Apparently the US was snubbed on this one. I’m watching anyway, on the off chance that someone might be our equal in the “beautiful game.” I came in as a reformed Italian fan whose disgust over flagrant … Continue reading

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*** (Three Star) Chef, We Hardly Knew Ye

Well that didn’t work out very well. The entire Cookbook of The Month Program ™ has failed to meet it’s goals five (*****) times in row. The result is a dismal percentage for a program only five (*****) months old. … Continue reading

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P.O.E.T.S. Day: Charles Baudelaire

From the great and glorious British Isles, we take the P.O.E.T.S. Day tradition: Piss Off Early, Tomorrow’s Saturday. This weeks edition brought to you by the British Tabloid industry: Naughty Frenchman Charles Baudelaire, whose surname, while not itself a synonym … Continue reading

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