May’s Cookbook: *** (Three Star) Chef

This month’s cookbook, *** (Three Star) Chef by Gordon Ramsay, promises a glimpse behind the kitchen doors to reveal the passion, the drive, and the attention to detail required to produce at a Michelin *** (Three Star) level. It is not for the faint of heart. Says the author:

“People say that three-star cooking is safe, but it isn’t. It’s the most dangerous thing I know.”

I like to pretend that Ramsay says it in his gravely voice like so:

“People say the that three-star cooking is safe.


but it isn’t.

Tilts head and takes off sunglasses

It’s the most dangerous thing I know.


Or I like to hear it spoken in Cyndi Lauper’s voice.

It is about time someone took up the dangerous side of the “Three-star (***) cooking: safe or dangerous?” debate. For too long the public has been forced to hear the Kool-Ade drinkers on the safe side blather on while the real people doing real kitchen work have been forced to soothe their burns and treat their cuts backstage as a biased media beats the drum for the safe sayers. Finally someone is taking up for the common man and showing those fat cats what for (****).

As per usual, the goal is to finish at least ten recipes from the cookbook by the end of the month in an effort to vary and expand our repertoire. Measurements will not be given. “Ah.” you say. “Recipes cannot be copyrighted so you might as well print them.” True, but people did some work putting this thing together and deserve to be paid for it. We won’t be bastarding that way, thank you.

This book will be a challenge, but here’ to a three star (***) cooking experience throughout the month of May.

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2 Responses to May’s Cookbook: *** (Three Star) Chef

  1. Uhm. It’s June now. So much for May’s cookbook…

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