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The Rankin Mystery Deepens and an Antipodean Tale Is Chosen

I’m still on the Ian Rankin Rebus series. For the third time I have gone to the Emmet O’Neal Library for one of the books. This time it’s Black and Blue.  For the third time the book I borrowed is … Continue reading

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May’s Cookbook: *** (Three Star) Chef

This month’s cookbook, *** (Three Star) Chef by Gordon Ramsay, promises a glimpse behind the kitchen doors to reveal the passion, the drive, and the attention to detail required to produce at a Michelin *** (Three Star) level. It is … Continue reading

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P.O.E.T.S. Day: Arthur Rimbaud

From the great and glorious Scots we take the tradition of P.O.E.T.S. day: Piss Off Early, Tomorrow’s Saturday. This week’s invitation to look your boss right in the eye and tell him to go stuff it/sneak out the back and … Continue reading

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Problems With What May or May Not Be an Italian Classic

My mother’s maiden name was Carroccio. She was the second oldest of ten children whose lineage on my grandfather’s side can be traced from Sicily to the edge of the records and back to my great grandparents; two crazy Sicilian … Continue reading

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Activist in Repose: The Whale Wars, Viking Shores Story

This season Animal Planet’s Whale Wars  takes aim at the natives of the Faroe Islands, a dependency of Denmark located due north of Scotland. In the traditional whale hunts of the islands, known as grinds (pronounced like the first syllable of … Continue reading

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More Grumpy Old Man Stuff.

When I was growing up, documentaries, science magazines, time traveling soldiers, and ruler wielding nuns all called our prehistoric offshoots Neanderthals. Note the “h” in the last syllable. In high school, skinny girls who could accurately tell you the calories … Continue reading

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Some Things of Interest: 100th Post Edition

I’m reading a young adult novel, Fair Coin by E.C. Myers, after reading a review on that calling it “Pure, Awesome, Crack.” There’s enough in the review that I don’t need to get to touch on the book itself other … Continue reading

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Some Remarkable Crap That Comes Out of My Mouth

At a recent wine tasting of some pretty brilliantly cheap wines (elicio rose and elicio white being the stars despite the e.e. cummings labels – stay away from the elicio red) I found myself asking to “revisit” several of the … Continue reading

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I really never thought I’d get this far without a nipple slip. When I began, lo five months ago, I assumed I would be posting at least once a day with tiny links to funny things or funny links to … Continue reading

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