Lasagna Bolognese con un Bambino di Cinque Anni

“Do you want to learn how to make Lasagna with me?”
“What’s lasagna?”
“It’s like a cake made with pasta, pizza sauce, meat, and pizza cheese.”
“Yes, please!”


“We wanna start by prepping the vegetables. Do you remember how to do this from when we made spaghetti sauce?”
“Okay, lets start with garlic.”
“Hey Dad, we should make a bird house that looks like peoples houses but without the furniture.”
“That would be fun.”
“I’ll get your tools.”
“Not now.”
“Because we have to make lasagna.”
“Oh, man.”


“Next we are going to add the meat.”
“Next we are going to add the meat.”
“Are you copying me?”
“Are you copeting me?
“I love broccoli!”
“Dad, you know I don’t like broccoli.”


“Do you want to open a can?”
“Just start it. I can do the rest by myself.”
“I’ll do one too.”
“Okay, but don’t do it faster than me.”


“I can do the salt!”
“Can I do it again?”
“Just a bit. You don’t want it to be too salty. You won’t like it.”
“I’m not a sauce guy. I just like pasta with olive oil.”
“But you like tomato sauce on pizza.”
“I’ll like it when I’m older.”
“Just try it.”
“I will try it, but instead of pasta, can you put it on bread? And instead of meat, can you put cheese and peppawonies on it?”


“Ready to build the lasagna?”
“I’m working on my laptop.”
“What are you working on?”
“I’m writing a story about Thomas and Percy and James. When I press print I tear of a page.”
“Can you look up instructions on making lasagna?”
“This is a make believe computer, Dad.”


“Put some cheese on this layer.”
“What covers our house, Dad?”
“It covers our house for fires.”
“Do you mean a tarp?”
“No. It replaces my toys.”
“Oh, insurance. We pay them and if the house burns down we get money to buy new toys and everything else.”
“Do I have to buy the same toys, or can I get new things.”
“They give you money to use however you please.”
“I’m going to buy Legos if the house gets caught on fire.”
“You aren’t supposed to root for fire, buddy.”
“Sigh… okay.”

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One Response to Lasagna Bolognese con un Bambino di Cinque Anni

  1. emmycooks says:

    Nice lasagna. I love kids’ good ideas: ‘when I press print I tear off a page.’ Of course you do.

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