Some Things of Interest

Slow down there Chef. We don’t all have a culinary degree. Paula Deen’s English pea recipe is finally revealed in all its splendor. Worth the read if only for the comments. I’m pleading with the blogging community: if you possess an mp3 of Paula Deen in full guffaw, please send that recording to, postage due if you must. I need her laugh. I need it like butter. Note from the picture that you can print the recipe if you want to keep it in your files/hope chest.

Yet another reason to register to vote: Apparently the usual suspects, politicians and consumer activist do-gooders, are conspiring to deliver a two fold attack upon liberty by simultaneously discriminating against Latinos and denying the rest of us our God given right to tacos delivered from on high. Call your congressional representative (I had “congressman” written there but I chickened out) and demand your right to unmanned drone delivered foodstuffs. Tell them that you will donate the tips you would have given to an analog delivery person to fighting the deficit or buying a Chevy Volt. Tell the politicians that you mean it and do not give up, no matter what.

Something something something Dr. Feelgood! Something something something feeling alright! From Domestic Diva, M.D., we made the recipe from “Anesthesia and Pulled Chicken” for dinner tonight. We served it on toasted sourdough with, because it looks and tastes a bit barbequeish and we are from Alabama, dill pickles. I am so happy right now.


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12 Responses to Some Things of Interest

  1. emmycooks says:

    I will not be clicking on any more of your links because I just hit that first one and spent 20 minutes cracking up over pea recipe reviews and occasionally reading them aloud to the person who is actually trying to get some work done around here. Is this a good use of time? I still have about 30 pages of reviews left to read. I’m going to be up all night.

    • Ben says:

      Highlight for me was Trouble_Maker: “Okay, so I pee’d on the stick of butter. When will I know if I’m pregnant?”

  2. You skillfully avoided the “congressman” debacle, but the jury is still out on “unmanned”. 😉

    • Ben says:

      Ah, but some while some will read “congressman” as a representative who is either man or woman, some others will take umbrage and claim it can only mean a male elected official. To many, Nancy Pelosi can never be a congressman, making “congressperson” the better part of valor. “Unmanned” can mean without a man or woman or simply without a man. In the case of the drone, both are correct. I could also say “unwomanned” or “unpersonned” but I didn’t, just as I didn’t say “undogged.” So you see, my choice of words, though at times cowardly, is unassailable, perfect, and a sterling example to all of mankind.
      Rene says hello.

      • Well, I can’t argue with that! I mean, using your wife as a deflection tool. Hello Rene! Ok, you win, sterling example 🙂

        I never make English peas – the Scottish variety is always superior 🙂

  3. Why is Paula Deem trying to hurt me?

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