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Lasagna Bolognese con un Bambino di Cinque Anni

“Do you want to learn how to make Lasagna with me?” “What’s lasagna?” “It’s like a cake made with pasta, pizza sauce, meat, and pizza cheese.” “Yes, please!” ******************************************************************************** “We wanna start by prepping the vegetables. Do you remember how … Continue reading

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2012 NFL Draft: 1/8 Alabama thus far:

Of the first 32 picks: #3: Trent Richardson #7: Mark Barron #17: Dre Kirkpatrick #25: Dont’a Hightower  

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A Fun Morning at the Pepper Place Market and The Kale That Kills

I was trying to buy salsa at the Pepper Place farmer’s market. I asked the woman who made the stuff if I would regret getting the hot instead of the regular*. She assured me I would be fine and was … Continue reading

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Some Things of Interest

Slow down there Chef. We don’t all have a culinary degree. Paula Deen’s English pea recipe is finally revealed in all its splendor. Worth the read if only for the comments. I’m pleading with the blogging community: if you possess an … Continue reading

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The case for American mass produced lager

I am not a beer snob. I have friends that give the obligatory snort at the mention of Budweiser and can categorize Belgian ales by the type of hops used. As is the case with enthusiants on any subject, beer … Continue reading

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Recipe: Chicken Pot Pie

I remember microwaving pot pies in my first apartment. The ones in the blue box only cost $1.69. The little cardboard bowl that it came in with that mysterious, gray, semi-reflective surface that aids somehow in the microwaving process was … Continue reading

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Tlön, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius

I have become a fan of Laura Calder’s show French Cooking at Home on the cooking channel. A few months ago I noted here that the recipes were good, but the pacing puts me to sleep. I also pointed out … Continue reading

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Add T.V.’s S. Epatha Merkerson to the list.

I have waited on Bea Arthur, ass-grabber. I have waited on Cyndi Lauper, wrestling enthusiast. I wrote “enthusiant” first and then backspaced to write “enthusiast.” I regret that decision. “Enthusiant” sounds more elegant and will be used from now on. … Continue reading

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I put a black trash bag in the kitchen trash can. My wife told me she prefers the white trash bags in the kitchen. I think my wife might be a trash bag racist.

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It’s old, but if you haven’t seen it…

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