Some Things of Interest: Road Trip Edition

A recent road trip to Louisiana took us down 20/59 through Mississippi, “The Land of the Seemingly Sick Pine Trees.” The medians are littered with them; tall and wind beaten, all but the topmost branches snapped or stripped. It’s eerie. And confusing. Add beautiful at times and that sums up what I’ve seen of Mississippi.

The houses unlucky enough to be near the highway are by and large worse off than the trees. One of them near Meridian had the phrase “Come in and you will be shot,” spray painted in white on the front door. There was better scenery, horse farms, bodies of water and the like, but nice places near the highway are always tainted by my knowledge that from the nice areas, all you can see is the highway.

On the road I had the chance to listen to a few albums. I don’t do that enough. I listen to music all the time, but with itunes or cds I tend to listen to songs. I forgot how good The Replacements’ Pleased To Meet Me is. You have to love a band with punk roots that isn’t afraid to whip out a brass section every now and then. I haven’t listened to a whole lot of Alex Chilton’s music, but nothing I have heard holds a candle to the Replacement’s homage song “Alex Chilton.” The final cut (I debated using the word “cut” because I hate hipster music reviews, but so be it. My white belt is on order.) titled “Can’t Hardly Wait,” astonishes with a sense of wastrel regret and expectation of deliverance. I read somewhere that Big Star’s own Alex Chilton sat in on guitar on that song. I may have to get a hold of some of their other albums.

The headline is better than the article, but the headline “Worker fights off burglar with sword, beer bottle” is going to be better than most articles. Note that after pleading for his life the burglar hit the worker on the head three times with a tire iron. Rather than following tradition and dying, the worker proceeded to force the burglar to submit with a screwdriver. It didn’t say, but this seems like a flat head job. Most restaurant employees know where the bottled beer is kept, but how many can lay their hands on the company sword when necessary? Ask your manager. It might just save your life. It won’t help against ninjas though.

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