Lenten Friday Recipe Early Edition: Parmesan Fish Filet with Spicy Tabouli

Not really.

I am not trying to reinvent any wheels here, but if you haven’t tried this before, it’s been around a long time for a reason. Take almost any white fish filet (I suspect that pompano and other strong fish would be too much but I’ve never tried this with them, if you do, let me know) and season with salt and pepper. Next, dredge in an egg bath and press into freshly shredded Parmesan cheese. Ignore the picture. Heat some olive oil in a pan and fry till golden brown.

Side dishes with this can be tricky. Tomato based salads would be good. Jamie Oliver suggests it with avocado and a cress salad. My suggestion: boil some tabouli and stir in copious amounts of chopped flat leaf parsley, minced garlic, minisculicalrly diced tomato, seeded and diced jalapeno, and lemon juice to taste (lots).

I am posting this weeks Lenten Friday recipe a day early as tomorrow we will be en route to Covington, Louisiana. If anyone is hoping for blog posts about local color, voodoo, or bounties on NFL players, I have to apologize. We will be attending a family wedding so our itinerary is already set as follows: check in to hotel, go to rehearsal dinner, linger too long at rehearsal dinner, last drink at hotel bar with relatives,  wake and mill about hotel until someone suggests lunch, sit through hour long debate about where to go to lunch, go to lunch, dress for wedding, attend wedding, hit the country club for reception, stay too long at reception, wake up in hotel room with vague memories of casino trip with cousin, celebrate extra two hundred dollars in wallet, deflate when you have a flash of being up two thousand dollars, brunch, and drive home. Don’t take that the wrong way. I love weddings and intend to enjoy every predictable bit of it. Maybe I’ll try mobile posting a bit.

As always, thanks for not stealing our stuff when we’re gone.

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5 Responses to Lenten Friday Recipe Early Edition: Parmesan Fish Filet with Spicy Tabouli

  1. When I saw the picture of Kraft Grated Cheese, my first thought was, ‘Oh dear sweet god. We lost him to the dark side.’

    So glad to see you were kidding! Enjoy your wedding and hopefully your 200 extra drunken casino dollars.

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