From the cookbook #2: Garlic and anchovy toasts, page 62

This month’s cookbook’s authors are harping on the hearth again. This time they want you to toast bread on it. “Nothing beats an old-fashioned hearth for toasting bread.” These new model hearths, they just don’t make them like they used to. Madam Moine et Monsier Gedda do allow that ovens, griddles, and grill pans can produce a passable, if somewhat diminished product. I used an oven. Anyway, toast your bread. Make it something hearty. I used baguette, but it could be any number of artisan breads. Meanwhile, smash some canned anchovies to a mushy, dog food like, consistency. In a bowl, mix the anchovy with a ten to one blend of olive oil and red wine vinegar and some minced parsley. When the bread is toasted, cut a clove of garlic in half and rub a side of the toast with it. Spoon the anchovy mix on top and pop it back into the oven for a minute or so, just enough to warm the toppings. Sprinkle a little more parsley on top, plate, eat, and brush your teeth. You reek of anchovies and garlic.

The authors suggest a rosé for the accompaniment. I concur, but keep in mind that I will accept any excuse to have a rosé.

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5 Responses to From the cookbook #2: Garlic and anchovy toasts, page 62

  1. Next time you might use a pizza stone.. That may be as close to a hearth as you’ll get without some classes in stone masonry.

  2. kletterman says:

    This sounds really good. Just in time too, because I am trying to find uses for the last half pound of garlic cloves in the fridge.

  3. emmycooks says:

    “Dog food consistency,” so descriptive! I wonder why it isn’t in wider use in the food writing lexicon. 🙂 This recipe sound great nonetheless.

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