From the cookbook #1: Grilled pork chops with sage, page 168

My pork chop picture was too blurry, so here’s a shot of Phil Specter’s glorious coif.

That we are getting a late start on this month’s cookbook should come as no surprise. That this recipe has mustard in it should. I have a deep fear of two things, an mustard is one of them. I will broach the idea of mustard seed, even coarse grain mustard with charcuterie or such, but the yellow stuff is verboten. Dijon exists in limbo. Trepidationishly Trepidonously  Trepiditionally I was not entirely comfortable with this recipe, but it turned out pretty well.

Start with some thick, bone in pork chops and score the side fat. Brush with a mix of grainy dijon, olive oil, and roughly cut sage and then refrigerate for six hours. Grill until medium rare and serve. It’s entirely simple so I don’t feel as bad about not giving specific measurements, but as I have previously stated, I know you can’t copyright a recipe but I feel a nod toward intellectual property is character building. You could always buy the book.

If you did buy the book, you would be privy to lines like “In Provence, the chops would be cooked in the hearth over pine cones.” I’m going to extend the benefit of doubt here and accept that this once happened in the presence of the author. I can’t accept it as the norm. Imagine house hunting with pork loving Provencals: “J’aime la maison. Il dispose d’un foyer, un must que nous avons discuté, mais il n’ya pas de pins pour être vus. Comment allons-nous manger du porc?” This falls apart if there is a “pine cone” aisle in French markets.
We hit the jackpot on the wine with the 2006 Liger Belair “La Chaniere.” High Iron content in the La Chaniere climat is said to give a masculine style to the wines. This one was dense and meaty with a little earthiness on the finish. Is it an insult to say that a Premier Cru was a great match to our pork? I feel like a Premier Cru should be in the superior position, as in “The pork was a great match to our Premier Cru.”

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