Bham vs. Bham

Dear UK Birminghamers,
We are headed for troubles. In the WordPress category section, if you choose to follow “Birmingham” our cities are lumped together due to an obvious common spelling. At the moment this is not a real issue. Come September, I fear we will have a problem. It stems from the use if the word “football.” You have sensibly called a sport that prodominantly uses the foot “football.” We use the same word to describe a sport that connects foot to ball every sixth play on average and that’s something that every team tries to avoid. The two games have seasons that overlap in the Fall. That said, we are invested in our named sport in Alabama, having fourteen national championships in 120 years. You are probably tied to the word yourselves with the whole origination of the language thing. I suggest a contest of some sort to decide this once and for all. The loser would tag their blog as “Birmingham b” or “less interesting Birmingham.” I’m interested in suggestions for the competition from your side, but I’m enamored of the idea that we each play our own version of football against each other. We wear our pads, you wear your “kit.”  You try for a brilliant cross while we blitz the crap out of your goalie. The losing side will from hereafter call their game soccer. As I said, I’m open for suggestion.

Ben from Birmingham, Alabama

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One Response to Bham vs. Bham

  1. debbrunson says:

    So this is your ‘real’ site 🙂 Very good. More food- I like it! Actually grew up in Bham (the football one) and left for college in 95. Still make it back occasionally to visit family. You football contest idea might be entertaining-

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