A new cookbook for March

On March 20th, 2012 at precisely 12:14 AM Central Daylight Time, the sun will pass directly over the equator marking the first day of Spring. Ancients laboriously charted the path of the sun looking to pinpoint this moment. It meant the end of winter and scarcity and the beginning of new growth. The Egyptians oriented the Sphinx to face the rising sun on this day. Stonehenge probably marks this day somehow judging by the number of hippies who gather this time of year. Armed with the ability to preciselyish predict the seasons, early man began his mastery of agriculture which allowed for specialization and the march of civilization. It’s humbling to write “vernal equinox 2012” in Google and get the time and date. The early mappers of the heavens set in motion the sequence of developments that gave birth to our modern conveniences. With all due deference to our ancestors, it was 80 degrees out today. I want rosés and canapes with goat cheese and tapenade on a sunny afternoon. I’m calling spring early.

Toward that end, I give you March’s cookbook: The Provencal Cookbook by Gui Gedda and Marie-Pierre Moine. This book is chock full of advice, recipes, and the occasional bit of sanctimony from people who live and eat in tune with the seasons. Whether it’s the sunny, breezy Mediterranean summer or the breezy, sunny Mediterranean winter or anytime in between, they take joy in what the land and sea give them.

The rules are as always. A cookbook is chosen on the first of the month. Before the end of the month we endeavour to complete ten recipes. This keeps us in the kitchen, keeps us learning, and gives us yummy new ideas.

Finally, to complete the early changeover to Spring, I ask that you join me in petitioning Major League Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig to dispense with spring training and just get on with it. Although no email address is listed at the official MLB site, he can be reached by Fax at 212-949-5654, Attn. Puddles. Thank you for your efforts.

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8 Responses to A new cookbook for March

  1. What do you do when you try a recipe and you don’t like it? I try to get out of my rut, but lately, I’ve hated all the new recipes I’ve tried. But I can’t bring myself to throw away perfectly good food.

    • Ben says:

      Depends on what level of dislike is achieved. If I mildly dislike it, I go back to the kitchen and start doctoring it until I a) like it or b) really dislike it. For things I really dislike, I keep a bottle of the old flavor end run, Sriracha, on hand. If that doesn’t work, I toss it. Life’s too short.

  2. I will be checking it out.

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